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Beautiful thinkers: Katherine Beresford

Meet Katherine.

Real Women Advocate.
Sugar free ambassador. 
Occupational Therapist.


Katherine Beresford (who you might know as @kbsugarfree) is a Brisbane based health and Food blogger and then some. She's a full time occupational therapist, runs monthly events for women in business through her thriving side hustle, Real Women Co and creates online content for various like-minded business (as well as her own). This busy bee is passionate about empowering young women with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in  small business. Despite having a very full schedule, KB dedicates a lot of time to supporting local business in whatever way she can. And for that we're very grateful. Check out her morning routine below!


What is your current morning routine?
Mornings usually consist of moving my body, whether it’s a HIIT class, a session at the gym or a walk along the river. I try to take a full water bottle with probiotic tonic or powder in it, wherever I go, to treat my gut to the good stuff at the start of the day. 
When I get home, I shower and commence my skin care routine. I wash my face first with a cotton cloth or washer, then I use an oil based cleanser (my favourite is Miskin Smooth Oil Facial Cleanser). Out of the shower, I use a hydrating mist, then an eye cream and hydrating day cream [Eunoia Love Face Cream]. I then apply perfume, I love the Eunoia Self Love Perfume Roller or the Inspire Blend by The Calm Compound. 
Next step coffee and onto my way to work! 
During the day I will always top up with a hydrating mist and perfume, which I keep at my desk for whenever I need.
How has your routine evolved over the years?
Of course! Up until last year I really was sticking to a gel foaming cleanser and standard moisturiser, no oils or creams. I thought my skin was too oily for anything else. Turns out the gel foaming cleanser was actually drying out my skin, where as using an oil based cleanser has worked wonders for my acne scaring and preventing break outs (I’ve had next to none, by the way). Eye creams are also now LIFE as my skin is getting older and I’m determined to keep the lines away! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Do you use any apps or products that enhance your sleep or morning routine?
Yes! I love applying my Calm blend by the Calm Compound, but also a few drops of Lavender oil on my pillow if I am having any difficulties calming before sleep. I try to put my phone down and spend those last moments before drifting to sleep cherishing my other half, before he over heats and I roll back to my side of the bed. The idea of falling to sleep on my phone makes me feel incredibly absent and uncomfortable, especially when I have someone I love by my side. 
What are you working on most at the moment and why?
My day job as a paediatric Occupational Therapist is so consuming and I’m always working on ways to improve my skills to help children engage in their meaningful occupations and maximise their health and well-being. I love learning new ways to help get the best out of children, particularly those effected by health conditions. On the side of this, I am working on designing Real Women Co’s next series of workshops in 2019. These workshops are created to empower women in business with the skills they need to succeed and do their very best. I’m so excited for next year already!
What do you do to cultivate beautiful thinking?
My day job involves SO much positive reinforcement. I’m always looking for the best in any situation, in any person and I actually love helping others realise how well they did, even if only the simplest task. So to cultivate beautiful thinking in others, I help them see the best in themselves. And one day I decided it’s time I turn that skill internally, and start looking for the best in everything I do. So now I positively reinforce myself. Every. Single. Day. I speak to myself positively, I point out what went well in my day, what I’m proud of myself for, how I’ve improved, or how great the last day, week or month has been. I constantly reinforce my efforts and have taught myself to be okay with where I am, in this point of time, rather than always focusing on the future and looking for more out of every situation. Reflection for self development is important, but not always for finding opportunities for ‘improvement’. 
What's your favourite quote or affirmation?
Empowered Women Empower Women 


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