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Beautiful Thinkers: Lillian Beth

Meet Lillian. 
Student Midwife 
Barre & Pilates Instructor
Women's health extraordinaire 
Soul Series Co-Founder
and one of the best people you'll ever meet 

Lilly and I first met when we were in high school and we have been just about joined at this hip since. Although we both had separate "phases" (Lil went real 'indie' for a while there and I myself thought I was quite the party girl) we have always been drawn back to one another. I feel very lucky to have had a friendship with Lilly that has enabled me to grown in so many ways. And I know that pretty much anyone that crosses paths with Lilly will say the same. She is just special. Lilly is a woman of many talents and when she's' not organising or hosting events or teaching you how to tone your toosh in a barre class, she's most likely studying. Being a midwife has been a life long passion for her. She's found her calling and we chat below about how she's making it work being a girl juggling many hats. 


What is your current morning routine?

Each morning is a little different, it really depends where my day is going to take me (do I have an early class to teach, am I on a shift in the hospital or is it a day at uni…) However, generally I rise relatively early, between 5am & 6am, I love to start my day with a kiss and cuddle from my partner and then our puppy generally wants to have a snuggle too. From there I like to have a big mug of warm water with lemon oil, I love to begin here as it helps me to set an intention for the day to be mindful about the food I nourish myself with and also gives me some time just to ‘wake up’ within my body before doing anything else. From here sometimes it’s a class (teach or participate), sometimes a walk with Albie (our dog), or a slower morning having toast on the back deck at home. I really look forward to and cherish my morning cup of coffee, just lately I have started adding a adrenal supplement to this to support the slightly chaotic life I’m currently leading. My morning coffee is sometimes with my partner but mostly solo, sometimes out - I love this time to connect in to how I am feeling, I also review my day and week ahead at this point and write a list of whatever I hope to get done. I’m not really a make up girl and often skip a morning ‘beauty’ regime, however, since incorporating my Eunoia products this element of my day has become really sacred. I love taking the time to work through my gratitude & self love affirmations and intentions whilst lovingly applying my Elixir and Moisturiser. It gives me a pocket of the morning to be gentle with myself and creates space for the day ahead.


How has your routine evolved over the years?

The skeleton of this routine has remained the same for quite some time, when I am ‘in flow’ I generally gravitate to these little elements of ritual and habit. However, as I said my life is quite ever changing (wonderfully chaotic) and with the demands of early teaching, university and shift work it sometimes wanes - this is often when I actually need the routine the most but fail to prioritise it.


Do you use any apps or products that enhance your sleep or morning routine?

I often use One Giant Mind as a meditation app - I generally do this in the evening, however, would love to be able to integrate this into my morning as I feel it would really help balance my day ahead. Sleep wise I love essential oils and often diffuse a combination of deliciousness throughout the day and into the winding down part of our evening.


What are you working on most at the moment and why?

I am working on cultivating patience in myself. I am easily frustrated with my own development and learning, this makes being a university student quite debilitating at times as learning is the whole aim, some days I’m better than others. I am also  **trying** really hard to allow some space and boundaries (eye roll - at that word…) in my life. I’m a yes woman, particularly in regards to the relationships in my life. However, am often reminded by my own declining energy and health that looking after my own nourishment within my body and my mind has to be my first priority.


What do you do to cultivate beautiful thinking?

I try and be gentle with myself the way I am with others. I allow myself little and simple luxuries which I feel adapt my mind frame and support my day (yoga class, coffee out, delicious smoothie, moments in the sunshine…) I also try to catch a negative thought or feeling and trace back to the trigger or moment where I felt snagged by it - this helps me to recognise and identify what I am actually feeling anxious or upset about and often diffuses the issue more rapidly, rather than allowing that snow ball effect. 


What's your favourite quote or affirmation?

Be gentle with yourself.

I often hear myself saying it to my beautiful friends and feel it is a little mantra I share with others and sometimes myself. 

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  • Nice post. Love following her on Insta!

    • Erica Kickert