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Double Cleansing

Extra time on your hands?
Use it to double cleanse
How to use our two cleansers to create one epic skincare ritual
Double Cleansing #101.

Worth the extra 2 minutes? You bet!

Let's breakdown this two-step skin ritual.

Step one involves cleansing your face of makeup, pollution, dirt, even sunscreen—basically anything left on your skins surface at the end of the day.

The second step ensures anything that wasn’t removed in the first step is washed away.

The end result? Super clean skin that's primed and ready to absorb your next skincare products.

Step 1 - Oil Cleanse
Remember when you hear the words 'oil cleansing' you want to think the word 'melt'. You use your Goddess Cleansing Oil first to melt away anything and everything that's left on the surface of your skin.

Oil based cleansers help to balance your skins oil production whilst being very good at removing and makeup and dirt from the skins surface.
Step 2 - Gel Cleanse
Your next step is to follow up your oil cleanse with our Ascension Gel Cleanser
You use a gel cleanser to ensure your skin is left squeaky clean, removing any traces of leftover product. 
The hard work is done in your oil cleansing step, so you won't need a lot of product here!
You're using Ascensions gentle foaming action to give your skin one final rinse.
We recommend double cleansing each night to get the most out of your cleansing ritual!
If you're new to oil cleansing, check out this article on why we LOVE it