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Get to know your Dosha

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space ~ Get to know your Dosha

Inspired by the elements
Ahead of the launch of our first Ayurvedic Pack, Balance, I thought I'd introduce to (or reacquaint you with) the concept of Dosha's.
What are Dosha's?

Also, known as mind-body types, "doshas" are the foundation for Ayurveda.They govern all physical and mental processes and provide every living being with an individual blueprint for health and fulfilment.
The doshas are derived from the Five Elements and their related properties.
Vata is composed of Space and Air,
Pitta of Fire and Water, and
Kapha of Earth and Water.

Balancing the dosha's is considered the key to optimal health. Your Dosha dictates everything from the way you look and feel, to how you act, your diet and how you digest, your personality traits and body shape.
Vata ~ space & air.
Vata gives motion to everything and people with Vata natures are physically light, have flexible bodies, tend to have dry skin, thin hair, cold hands and feet. Vata's tend to have a thin, long face and delicate features.
A Vata has an active mind, can have trouble sleeping and has a sensitive digestive system. When Balanced they are very intuitive, enthusiastic, energetic and creative – Vata’s are always on the go & love to travel. When imbalanced they are prone to anxiety, worry, stress, fear, and insomnia. Pitas also easily become constipated, have weight loss, restlessness, digestive imbalances, joint/ muscle issues, weak immune & nervous system.
Vata's are often lost in thought and can often changes their minds, jobs and lives without giving decisions too much thought. They're the daydreamer and creative that can often struggle to ground themselves in everyday routines.

Pitta ~ Fire & water.
Pitta governs metabolism, digestion, and energy. Pitta natured people tend to be medium built with medium height, muscular build, have oily skin and tend toward a warmer body temperature. They sometimes have bright red hair, but early graying, baldness or thinning hair is also common in a Pitta. Their facial bones tend to be prominent, especially the jaw or the cheekbones
Pittas have a sharp, focused mind, they are energetic, competitive, and courageous, they have great digestion as the 'fire' in their bellies is always burning. When balanced, they are great teachers, communicators, they're wise, strong leaders and highly disciplined. When Pitta's become imbalanced they tend to anger quickly, have excessive body heat, may suffer from acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, inflammation and skin rashes.
The Pita in your life most likely has a bit of a sharp tongue, is disciplines, determined and has a hard time accepting the answer 'no'. They are the go-getter and the ultimate 'hustler'
Kapha ~ Water & Earth.
The function of Kapha provides lubrication to the body and maintains strength to the joints, organs, muscles & bones, skin and immunity. Kapha natured people tend to have a full bodied- strong build, have thick hair, a soft, round face, large eyes and radiant skin.
The mind tends to be calm and steady, have strong endurance, strong immune system, and steady appetite. They are loving, compassionate, nurturing, peacemakers and create stability. When Kapha Dosha becomes imbalanced digestion & metabolism tend to slow down (they'll often complain of feeling "sluggish") resulting in weight gain & water retention, excessive sleep and poor mental health.
Kapha's are calming, loving and maternal. They are the friend you confide in and the grounding energy in your life. Kapha's can often struggle to get motivated and prefer a snuggle on the couch over getting outside and moving.

Still not sure which Dosha you are?

Here are a few quizzes below that might help you figure it out!