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Honouring Your Intuition

Honouring Your Intuition

Your intuition is how you communicate with the Universe. It’s how we receive little nudges or ‘downloads’ of information that helps us navigate our lives.

You might refer to these intuitive pulls as a ‘gut feeling’. At Eunoia, we like to call it our ‘inner knowing’ – (we believe that all the answers we seek lie inside of us, we just sometimes need a push in the right direction.)

I’m sure we can all think of a time when our Intuition has chimed in, asking to be acknowledged. Maybe it was in a relationship, a job or an event where you just ‘knew’ what the right or wrong thing to do was.

There are many ways that we can honour and build our innate intuition powers. Here’s a few below.


Slow Down – If you’re go, go, go all day long, your ability to be aware of when your intuition is speaking are slim!

Slowing down might look like… taking a few breaths when you’re overwhelmed, eating lunch without stimulus surrounding you, waking up 5 minutes early to sit in bed and just be, making a conscious effort to have downtime during the day – even if it’s just a few minutes at a time.


Tune In – Our Eunoia Intuition soul ritual focuses on the principle of ‘slowing down & tuning in’. When we tune in, we’re taking time to be present and aware of how we are feeling, what we are experiencing and surrendering to the moment.

Tuning in might look like… meditation, walking in nature, yoga, putting your feet in the sand or on grass, consciously applying your skincare in the morning, honouring and accepting how you’re feeling in each moment.


Awareness of your emotions – become more aware of when your body is giving a big ‘hell yes’ or a big ‘hell no’ in your day-to-day. Your body’s ‘hell no’ will feel like a tightening or gripping sensation. A ‘hell yes’ often feels like openness and excitement. Have a decision to make? What was your initial instinctive reaction? That’s your intuition speaking.


Ask for guidance – The sooner you realise the Universe does not need you to be in control, the more peace you will experience. Not sure of what decision to make? Ask for guidance!! And when you do, be sure to…


Pay attention to signs – You’ve asked, so be on the look out to receive. The universe and your souls inner knowing can communicate to you in many ways. Pay attention to what changes around you.


Reflect on past experiences – nothing helps you recognise your intuitive powers than a little reflection. Look back on past experiences and begin to recognise when your intuition assisted you to make a decision, even if you chose not to follow it at the time.


Ready to slow down, tune in and connect with your souls inner knowing?

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