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How to cleanse and program your crystals

This quick little guide will give you all the info you need on how to program your crystals. It's a two step process to get your crystals ready for action: first you want to cleanse and then you want to program. 

I know there's a lot of information out there on how this should be done, but really, it's up to you! There's no set way to cleanse your crystals, use your intuition.


Ways of cleansing include bathing them in filtered water, cleansing them with a sage/ smudge stick, leaving them out under the full moon, leaving them to charge in the sunlight, imagining a white light bathing them or cleansing them in ocean water. I personally like to give all of our Eunoia crystals a little bath in filtered water before charging them in the sun or moonlight. 


Programming your crystal is your way of setting the intention of what you'd like your crystal to do for you. The way I program my crystals after cleansing is to hold them in my hands and read the mantra that I plan on using with them. For example, I use Rose quartz to cultivate Self Love. The Eunoia self love mantra is 'I am love. I am loved. I give love'. So I hold onto my rose quartz, repeat this mantra 3 times, imagining how I would feel as I embody self love and that's it! 

No heavy lifting and something you can easily do at home. 

I recommending repeating this cleanse + program process once every 3-4 weeks and every time you get a new stone. 

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