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The Crystal Column: Amethyst

The Crystal Column
Your weekly guide on how to use, charge, program and create rituals with your favourite crystals. 
Let's breakdown the stigma around crystals. Using crystals as part of your daily practice shouldn't feel like some crazy taboo thing you have to hide. Crystals have been use for centuries as a means to connect to mother nature, source and yourself. They're just another therapeutic (and really pretty) tool that you can add to your toolbox to help you action a certain intention. 
This week we're talking about Amethyst, the stone of calm, connection and meditation (necessary in droves leading up to Christmas).

Before we get going, here's a fun fact...The name amethyst comes from the Greek word amethysts, meaning 'sober'. Drinking wine from amethyst was thought to allow you to drink alcohol without the getting intoxicated - again, might need in droves leading up to Christmas. 

Emotional: Probably the most well known crystal for soothing stress and anxiety, amethyst is an excellent crystal for calming an overactive, over-thinking mind.

Just looking at it feels calming to me!

Amethyst has earned the nickname  the 'soul stone', a beautiful rock to help you  connect to your highest self and clear energetic channels during meditation. It also aids in surrendering negative thoughts and clearing a busy mind before a meditation practice. 

Spiritual: Amethyst has an affinity with the Third Eye chakra - the chakra above our brow that helps us analyse thought, organise internal and external communication and keep us open to new visions, dreams and manifestations.

A blocked Third Eye chakra can cause confusion around of life purpose, overactive internal communication (excess mental chatter) and may 'fog' the way we view external environments - if you commonly overthink or overanalyse conversations and situations, amethyst might be good for you. 

Physical: Due to its calming benefits, Amethyst is an excellent crystal for those who struggle with sleep disorders. An amethyst on the bedside table or underneath your pillow can aid in soothing an anxious mind, reducing sleep onset. Amethyst also produces it's own magnetic field. It's hypothesised that amethyst interacts with our own magnetic field, causing an exchange of energy. Having an amethyst near by could quite literally recharge your body! 

Amethyst absorbs and reflects far infrared radiation (the good kind) which is currently being studied for a number of health benefits including mood regulation, sleep support and cell regeneration. 

It's also been touted for reducing headaches and migraines when in contact with the body. AND the reason its thought to 'not get you drunk' is because it purifies your blood stream - what can't it do!


How to Use: Having an amethyst geode at your desk can be an easy way to keep stress levels at bay. 

Wearing amethyst is good if you suffer from frequent headaches or anxiety.

A small amethyst under your pillow or by your bedside table can be of comfort at night to calm a busy mind before bed. 

Crystal water bottles containing an amethyst are also great for its blood purification properties!

Rituals: As you may have guessed, using amethyst during your meditation makes for a calming practice and opens you up to new visions and dreams. Next time you meditate, pop a amethyst on your Third Eye. Imagine its beautiful purple colour engulfing your anxieties and soothing your fears. Allow the amethysts calming and soulful energy to fill you up. A good mantra for this practice would be 'I am safe. I am connected to the greater world around me'  

Journaling with an amethyst is another great ritual particularly if you're feeling stressed, anxious or are wanting to connect more deeply to the metaphysical. Visualise the amethyst deepening your connection to the spiritual realm and journal any thoughts and feeling that appear. If you're stressed, amethyst can be of comfort to you as you open up in your journal.