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The Crystal Column: Citrine

The Crystal Column

Your weekly guide on how to use, charge, program and create rituals with your favourite crystals. 

Let's breakdown the stigma around crystals. Using crystals as part of your daily practice shouldn't feel like some crazy taboo thing you have to hide. Crystals have been use for centuries as a means to connect to mother nature, source and yourself. They're just another therapeutic (and really pretty) tool that you can add to your toolbox to help you action a certain intention. 

This week we're talking all things Citrine. How appropriate considering it's the birth stone of Scorpio and is it officially Scorpio season! (Shout out to my fellow Scorpios!)


Citrine is bright and vibrant, a beautiful yellow. It's known as the 'light maker' and it's name is derived from the French word for 'lemon'. Everything about it screams JOY!

It's colour yellow is that of the solar plexus - the chakra above our navel responsible for feelings of power, purpose and self-esteem (when balanced). A citrine stone on the navel can help dissipate feelings of worry or self-doubt. The solar plexus is where most experience energic blocks so a chunk of citrine on the  bedside can be a handy energy-clearing tool when negativity hits. 

Just like its golden colour suggests, Citrine has an affinity with abundance. Abundance comes in all shapes an sizes from health, happiness, love and of course money.

Citrine is the crystal to help you manifest a financial goal and it's the perfect crystal to use when you want to change your mindset around money.

Money is just an energy! So a simple change to your thought process can shift the way financial wealth appears for you.

An easy money ritual would be to program your crystal as your money maker.

After cleansing your crystal program your citrine with a money related intention like "I am a money magnet', "abundance flows to me', ''I create financial wealth'. You can then place your citrine in your wallet or car. 

If you'd like to go the extra mile,  you could write out a specific financial goal and pop your citrine crystal on top of your note, reading it each morning or evening to strengthen your goal. 

Lastly, Citrine is a beautiful crystal to wear or keep in a place that you often look because of it's light and joyful energy. Citrine helps you bring positivity into negative situations, encouraging you to notice the light even in darkness.

Ctirine opens us up to 'higher' thoughts and when we wear it , it becomes a constant reminder to connect with love over fear.  It brings about an abundance of positive energy - something that we could all use around us. 

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