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Why face serums are so important

Why face serums are so important

A good quality serum is my personal skincare favourite. I have a dry, sensitive, breakout prone skin type so I’m very mindful about what serums (and well, skincare in general) that I place on my face.

After working with so many incredible Australian businesses, I’ve realised not just the importance of a consistent skincare regime, but of using really good quality skincare. Prior to creating Eunoia and beginning to develop products myself, I always used natural skincare, but I wasn’t particularly mindful about the quality. It was more of a ‘what’s on sale this week at woolies’ situation. Being in this industry, I’ve now realised that ‘natural’ does not always mean ‘natural’ and it certainly does not mean quality. Seeing the difference that comes from using quality products on my own skin means that I’m no longer concerned about the cost of a product, but only if will perform and work for my skin.

Using a good quality serum has been the biggest game changer in my skincare regime. And while I use to think that smothering my face in coconut oil before bed was going to hydrate my face, I now know that a few drops of a carefully crafted serum is all I really need.

So why are serums so good? 
- They penetrate deeper into your skin -
While a moisturiser sits on top of the skin, serums are designed to absorb deeper into the epidermis, deeply nourishing the skin cells that lie beneath the surface. When I apply our Gratitude Face Elixir each day, I use a Gua Sha to aid in this process too as well as assist with lymphatic drainage!
- They contain higher levels of active ingredients -
Serums tend to be a bit pricier than a moisturiser, but that’s because they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. When you’re using a good quality serum, you only need a few drops because the liquid is so potent and a little goes a long way. Remember with any product, the ingredients list is in order of most to least, so what you see in the first 2 lines is what majority of that product is made of. Our Intuition Face Serum only has 5 ingredients! It’s all carrier and essential oils – no fluff or filler!
- The deliver targeted action -
Many serums are designed for specific skin concerns from acne and eczema to fine lines and scarring. Because of their high potency, a serum is the most effect component of your skincare regime if you’re looking to improve a particular skin concern. Our Gratitude Face Elixir is a botanical blend to heal scaring, smooth your complexion and minimise pores, while our Intuition Face Serum is targeted to soothe irritable, inflamed skin.

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