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How to cleanse and program your crystals

This quick little guide will give you all the info you need on how to program your crystals. It's a two step process to get your crystals ready for action: first you want to cleanse and then you want to program. 

Beautiful thinkers: Katherine Beresford

Meet Katherine.

Real Women Advocate.
Sugar free ambassador. 
Occupational Therapist.

Beautiful Thinkers: Sarah Miller


Meet Sarah

Acai connoisseur. 
Woman in business.
Conscious Creator.

Self-love over self-sacrificing: How to drop the hustle mentality and connect with your Mind, Body & Soul.

The world is hustle-bustle.
We glorify being 'too busy'.
But how is living a life in fast-forward affecting our health?
I've put my Nutritionist hat on to bring you this blog about the downside of being busy. 

Gua Sha's & Gratitude

Gua Sha's & Gratitude

Soul Series: A Women's Circle