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Why toxin free skincare ~ the facts

A few quick skin care facts 
- Your skin is your largest organ 
- Your skin absorbs up to 60% of the ingredients you place on it 
- What you place on your skin is in your bloodstream around 26 seconds after application 
- The average female applies 500 chemicals to her skin daily
- 80% of the ingredients in common household products (shampoo, face cream, deodorant) have never been tested


Soul Series: A Womens Circle ~ Cultivating Abundance

Soul Series: A Women's Circle 
Cultivating Abundance 

The Crystal Column: Clear Quartz

The Crystal Column 

Your weekly guide on how to use, charge, program and create rituals with your favourite crystals. 

Let's breakdown the stigma around crystals. Using crystals as part of your daily practice shouldn't feel like some crazy taboo thing you have to hide. Crystals have been use for centuries as a means to connect to mother nature, source and yourself. They're just another therapeutic (and really pretty) tool that you can add to your toolbox to help you action a certain intention. 

How to cleanse and program your crystals

This quick little guide will give you all the info you need on how to program your crystals. It's a two step process to get your crystals ready for action: first you want to cleanse and then you want to program. 

Beautiful thinkers: Katherine Beresford

Meet Katherine.

Real Women Advocate.
Sugar free ambassador. 
Occupational Therapist.