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Eunoia Soul Rituals

Combining skin care with soul rituals

EUNOIA [u-noi-a] ‘beautiful thinking; a well mind’ 

We're here to change your morning routine + to help you culivate more beautiful thinking. 

We create journey packs designed to infuse your morning skincare routine with soul rituals and mantras.

We're lucky to collaborate with incredible Australian businesses like Cedar + Stone Botanicals, Alyssum Alchemy and Erica Brooke Skincare who formulate our beautiful Eunoia products to help your create your soul rituals. We carefully select who we wish to collaborate with our brand and work with conscious small businesses.

Our skin care products are infused with crystal energy  – each crystal is specifically chosen to amplify the message of the month, whether it be love, abundance or forgiveness. 

Every Eunoia pack is a unique fusion of skin care, perfume, crystals, affirmations and rituals.

Eunoia skin care is natural, free from chemicals and nasty preservatives and organic where possible. 

We are skincare with purpose. 

How it works

What's in each box?