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4 Ways to use your Meditation Journey Pack to create a ritual

4 ways to create a ritual
Use your Eunoia meditation pack to create pockets of mindfulness across your day.

1. Use your Meditation mist to open or close your meditation practice.
Spritz Meditation around your body and the room to evoke feels of mindfulness and presence before you begin your session. 
2. Apply the Meditation perfume roller to your pulse points.
Repeat your meditation mantra as you apply this soothing oil to your wrists and neck. Use your perfume roller to bring you back to your intention of mindfulness throughout your day. 
3. Use the Meditation Mist as a body and linen spray. Spritz Meditation on your pillow and sheets before bed for a restful sleep. Spray Meditation around your body and on your clothes for a light, toxin free scent.  
4. Use Meditation to cleanse a room of negative energy.
Spritz meditation around your room to cleanse the space. You can do this before you start work, before you enter a room, before you begin a meeting or when you want to cleanse your space of unwanted energy.