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Honouring Your Intuition

Honouring Your Intuition

Your intuition is how you communicate with the Universe. It’s how we receive little nudges or ‘downloads’ of information that helps us navigate our lives.

You might refer to these intuitive pulls as a ‘gut feeling’. At Eunoia, we like to call it our ‘inner knowing’ – (we believe that all the answers we seek lie inside of us, we just sometimes need a push in the right direction.)

I’m sure we can all think of a time when our Intuition has chimed in, asking to be acknowledged. Maybe it was in a relationship, a job or an event where you just ‘knew’ what the right or wrong thing to do was.

There are many ways that we can honour and build our innate intuition powers. Here’s a few below.

Why face serums are so important

Why face serums are so important

A good quality serum is my personal skincare favourite. I have a dry, sensitive, breakout prone skin type so I’m very mindful about what serums (and well, skincare in general) that I place on my face.

After working with so many incredible Australian businesses, I’ve realised not just the importance of a consistent skincare regime, but of using really good quality skincare. Prior to creating Eunoia and beginning to develop products myself, I always used natural skincare, but I wasn’t particularly mindful about the quality.

Essential Oils and the Metaphysical

Aromatherapy and the Metaphysical
Essential oils have been long used for medicine and healing purposes.
Aromatherapy is a healing art that is centuries old and encompasses the metaphysical, magickal and spiritual.
From light workers to astrology, the essential oils you use each day have a history that far exceeds a perfume roller. I’ve been deep diving into the metaphysical benefits of aromatherapy during my studies in Master Aromatherapy and thought you’d find this interesting.
Have a look below at some common (and some of my favourite) essential oils and their links to spirituality and ritual.


The Crystal Column: Labradorite

Your weekly guide on how to use, charge, program and create rituals with your favourite crystals. 
Let's breakdown the stigma around crystals. Using crystals as part of your daily practice shouldn't feel like some crazy taboo thing you have to hide. Crystals have been use for centuries as a means to connect to mother nature, source and yourself. They're just another therapeutic (and really pretty) tool that you can add to your toolbox to help you action a certain intention. 
This week we're talking all things labradorite! My personal favourite stone (right now) and super powerful one to connect you to your highest self. 

Soul Series: A Women’s Circle ~ Practicing Presence

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