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What does a face mist actually do?

Do you spritz?

One of our favourite parts of our skincare regime is a good face mist. Not only are they refreshing, hydrating and ultra decadent, they also have numerous benefits for the skin.
We're taking a look at how a simple mist can elevate your skincare rituals.

1. To improve absorption of your face oil.

A few sprays of a face mist on clean skin before you apply your daily face oil can help to increase its absorption. Why? Well when your skin is slightly damp it naturally absorbs more of what's placed on top of it - kinda like a sponge!

We always spritz our mist before an evening application of our Gratitude Face Elixir. The damp skin trick works wonders!

2. To soothe inflamed skin.

Face mists with calming ingredients like Aloe Vera, can help to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. A mist can also be used regularly throughout the day for quick relief.

3. They hydrate.

Face mists are jam-packed with ingredients to help your skin receive and retain moisture. A mist is an instant refresher and can be used under and over makeup to gift your skin an instant glow!
Our 3 step daily skin ritual.

1. Cleanse with Goddess. Use our Goddess cleansing oil on dry hands to a dry face to remove oil & dirt. Remove with a warm, wet cloth. Dry skin & repeat.

2. Mist with Aura. Spritz aura on your face and gently pat into skin.

3. Oil with Gratitude. Finish with few drops of oil on your face, neck and decolletage.